Best Firm Mattresses For Back Pain

Best Firm Mattresses For Back Pain Reviews 2021

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Top Pick
Zinus 12 Inch
CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED - Highest quality foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability. Check On Amazon
Ashley Chime 12 Inch
Maintenance free: Made of hypoallergenic material to keep out dust mites, pollen, mold and pet dander. Check On Amazon
Live & Sleep Elite Mattress
COOLER INNOVATION. Breathable, plush & better quality materials, not cheap inexpensive foam. Check On Amazon
Classic Brands Cool
Beautifully tailored and detailed with a stretch knit fabric cover with waterfall edge and matching knit side panels. Check On Amazon
Sealy Response
You and your Sealy mattress will stay fresh with a breathable ComfortLoft cover that draws moisture away throughout the night. Check On Amazon

Top 5 Best Firm Mattresses For Back Pain

This Signature Design By Ashley is a bed for supportive, dreamy sleeping. This mattress brings home comfortable layers; and on an up side it comes in a box, so it’s easier than ever to get a better night’s rest. 

This is a hybrid mattress which is designed with gel memory foam, upholstery grade support foam, and 528 individual power packed wrapped coils which provides maximum lumbar support. Overall the foam gives you that soft, cozy comfort you crave. The hybrid nature makes it firm and dense which gives the back a great support, while the memory foam targets the pressure point for nothing more than a comfortable night’s rest. 

All this with a reasonable price of $221.60

  • Comes in a box so it is easy to use right away
  • Hybrid build for comfort and support
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Might be warmer than most mattresses

This medium-firm mattress by Live And Sleep offers an excellent support without giving a hard feel. The Live and Sleep is a foam mattress with a layer of air flow memory foam which targets pressure points, a layer of gel-infused foam for breathability and a “high-density support base” foam bottom layer to give the user maximum support and one of the best firm mattresses for back pain.

The mattress uses breathable, plush and better quality materials, and not a cheap inexpensive foam. This bed provides the optimum comfort that relaxes the user and provides a deep rest for a long day ahead. This is provided for an affordable price of $249.95.

  • Three layer foam provides great support
  • Firm enough to provide support while being soft enough to stay comfortable
  • Affordably priced
  • Three layer foam provides great support
  • Firm enough to provide support while being soft enough to stay comfortable
  • Affordably priced

This Mattress from Classic Brands is a medium-firm,double-layered which is designed for optimal comfort , and has a 2.5-inch thick memory foam layer with another 7.5-inch thick polyurethane foam layer. 

The memory foam conforms to your body type without pressure or pinching and gives it the optimal comfort while an open cell technology keeps the mattress cool and the memory foam captures and dissipates heat.  The mattress passes for content related to, emissions, and durability, and is analyzed by independent testing laboratories. 

It comes with an easy setup but one should let it expand for up to 48 hours and let any potential odors disappear so you can start relaxing. This product comes at a cost of $229.99.

  • Comes with double layered foam for support and comfort.
  • Open Cell technology keeps mattress cool.
  • Durable
  • People looking for hard firm mattress might find it soft still.

This Zinus Performance Plus model is one of the best extra firm mattress around. With a foam layer on top, it offers pocketed springs to cut down on motion transfer. With 10% more coils than other models this Zinus product offers extra firm version for added support and one of the best firm mattresses for back pain.

It is an excellent choice for those people suffering from back, neck and joint pain. It is especially suited for more substantial people due to the extra firmness which supports even the largest of body types. With the reinforced edges the mattress stays firm even when subjected to frequent use and heavier weights. 

Although pocketed coil mattresses are generally more expensive than conventional spring systems, that isn’t the case here It is affordable and offers excellent value at a price tag of $385.00.

  • Extra firmness supports heavier sleepers
  • Reinforced sides prevent sag and roll off
  • High durability
  • Coils cut down motion transfer
  • No heat emitting features; may affect excessively hot sleepers
  • Top of the charts firmness may be too firm for sleepers who weigh less.

Sealy is a brand known across the country for the standards they have. The Response Performance Tight Top uses several layers of dense foam and a bed of springs to provide a firmness that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. 

For sleepers afraid of a mattress that is too firm, this bed address that concern and provides a healthy portion of foam. The foam layers incorporate gel-infused memory foam as well as Air Foam for increased airflow. These features reduce heat retention and offer a cooling effect on the mattress giving the individual a comfortable sleep. An additional thick knit top cover makes for a soft touch. However, despite this softer side, the edges provide a much-reinforced border to ensure that you will not roll off or the sides don’t sag. 

The Posturepedic technology used on this mattress is designed to give you support where you need it, which is the center of your body. The Sealy Response performance tight top with all these features provides comfort, support, and coolness to the individual while the mattress itself is durable and soft. All of this is provided to the individual for a price of $ 494.43.

  • Great balance of firm support with a softer touch that eases the user while giving him or her the needed support.
  • Foam breathes and cools the mattress making it comforting to the user.
  • Supports bodies evenly and gets to the pressure points
  • Reinforced foam edges which provide an anti-sagging option
  • Top of the charts firmness may be too firm for sleepers who weigh less

Best Buy

Viewing all the products mentioned above and contemplating on the “ Best Firm Mattresses For Back Pain “ in my opinion would be the Zinus Extra Firm mattress. The Bed offers a great foam top with a spring base, the eye catching factor is that it has got 10 percent more springs than any other model making it firmer than the rest and offering a great relieve to those with pains around their body. To add to that the reinforced sides give it more durability and prevent it from sagging. 

Overall this mattress offers the firmness and support that people wit back pains will be looking for as well check out Best Firm Mattress For Lower Back Pain.

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